International Projects

Our organsation is active in  KA210 and KA220 Strategic partnerships in Erasmus cooperations as Partner, you can read about our projects.

Our mission is to promote innovation in education, development and growth through the active participation of civil society and institutions, always valuing diversity and inclusion.
Our team includes 4 staff members, including experienced project managers, trainers, researchers, financial and communication experts. FutuReg has more than 7 years of experience in EU project management, as coordinator and partner in projects under EU Programmes such as INTERRE|G, Erasmus+, CERV, Horizon Europe, Creative Europe, etc. Through the following main pillars, you can read about our work in various fields of education and training. Our main topics with professional experience:


  1. active citizenship,digital citizenship
  2.  sustainability, sense of initiative,
  3.  entrepreneurship and employability.

Higher Education

  1. Institutional strategies linked to Workmarket Gender Equality, prevention of any form of violence
  2. Responsible Research and Innovation for social needs
  3. Networking AND MEDIATION with Public Authorities, SCHOOLS SMEs, and 
  4. CROSSBORDER knowledge actors aiming to foster knowledge exchange
  5. Professional closer collaboration for innovations in education
  1. support individuals in acquiring basic skills and key competences to foster employability,
  2. entrepreneurship and socio-educational and personal development,
  3. green awareness, as well as and participation in civic and social life.