“Children are our greatest treasure. Children are the future of the region.”

The main mission of  the Civic Association FutuReg since 2015 is to promote the development of cultural and social values ​​in Southern Slovakia, focusing on raising awareness in the field of children’s rights and equality,providing healthy and happy childhood and supporting research and development in the field of human sciences, life-long education and  non-formal training.

Development – Knowledge – Sustainability are the key values ​​of FutuReg

Main areas of our activities are conducted the field of education, training, culture, science and research.

Childhood is unique and unrepeatable. Children have the right to the best. Our mission is to support the sustainable growth of the region for the future of our children, therefore we also focus on the sustainable economy and social sciences, which are child-friendly.

The mission of the association stand on two pillars:

  1. helping children and youth because they are the future of the region
  2. helping the region because it provides living space for the next generation.

Our activities

  • Since 2015 we are working in Slovakia for children living in Hungarian minorities with project Minority Kids, which focuses on equal opportunity, children rights and education of children in the region.We are helping with anonymous online consulting in the field of childcare on www.minoritykids.sk
  • Since 2017 we have been running research projects: Proceedings of Minority Kids Conference, Best Interest, Suburbanization I, II, III, Common Region.
  • In 2019, we launched a series of workshops in the field of non-formal education with subjects of: Grant Writing and Project Management.
  • From 2020 we dedicated our activities to Peer Mediation project called “More rights less violence” in high schools, we are cooperating with primary schools in the Tolerance for Children project.

FutuReg’s innovations and new forms of education are at the roots of regional development. The target group of children can guarantee us clear results. It is important to provide them healthy and safety childhood and sustainable development. If you would like to do the same, please join us.
 Lívia Bott Domonkos – statutory representive of FutuReg


Récsei Noémi, reporter, RTVS

FutuReg workshops can provide good knowledge for receiving grants and help to achieve variety of cultural attractions in the field.

Liliana Bolemant, editor, Womanpress, director of Phoenix NGO

Civic association FutuReg has achieved a lot in Minority Kids – engaging mothers, children, women, the general public, spreading information. I am glad to see that women move our societies forward and form a strong foundation in turbulent changes in society.”

Lelkes Gábor, PhD., expert for regional development, director Danube Euroconsulting

FutureReg has the potential to become a true platform for developmental ideas, and through innovative research and social themes as well as a local “think-tank” for public interest. The region needs sustainable development and inclusive growth. Research, studies and public works can bring their fruit and support it.

Jakubecz Böbe, proofreader, Minority Kids web manager

Futureg will  be able to supports the region with a clear child-friendly approach, as well as with educational events. Designing and researching multiculturalism can help to promote multilingualism.

What are the skills and expertise of staff involved in our NGO?

Dr. Lívia Bott Domonkos, PhD

Livia Bott Domonkos is the Director of FUTUREG– organizes and participates in research and development of EU fond sans local projects mainly in relation to project management, grant consulting, training development, regional development, education, she is expert in child rights, evaluation of non-formal, informal learning, new methodologies in teaching and training. She is expert in design, coordination, and management of EU funded courses and apprenticeship economy and finance. Trainer of PM courses for adults and apprentices in the areas of ICT, innovation technology, e−learning methodologies.


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Krisztina Mészáros, MA

Krisztina Meszaros is a teacher, a life- coach and mediator educational and training (VET and adults) specialist, co- partner of FUTUREG. Cooperates in European research and development projects on new training methodologies and on-line didactics, innovative technology for training and integration of kids, women and socially disadvantaged groups. Analyses the training needs in SMEs, peer to peer mediation, new occupation profiles and development of new curricula; executes vocational non-violence communication courses apt to requalification and re-skilling of youths and adults. She plans and organizes couching, mentoring and accredited courses. Trainer in courses for adult and apprentices education in the areas of communication, innovation technology, e−learning methodologies, marketing and pattern design.

In the last years (2019-2021) she has contributed and coordinated at  international level to the following EU+ projects:

– WebWritingWomen – editor in chief, podcast creator, riporter

– KIDSAFEDU – educational and communication manager