The project aims to develop a hybrid training course for women who are starting or developing their entrepreneurship. The training will be focused on building eco-friendly or eco-based businesses and on promoting them via IT- and mobile-based marketing strategies and tools. The course will be piloted, the outcomes will be spread and shared. Networking and good- practice sharing among participants will be supported. E-Book with role models (interviews with lady entrepreneurs) will be produced.

The project implementation phase will be realised in three phases:
Activity 1 – Training course creation;
Activity 2 – Piloting of the course and networking;
Activity 3 – Best practice examples exchange, dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes.

Common course guidelines, 9 revised training modules in EN + in national languages.
Social-media based network with at least 15 participants in total for 3 countries. Course piloted with 30 participants.
Finalised training materials in EN + partners’ national languages.
12 interviews in a written form with lady-entrepreneurs compiled into the E-Book. List of dissemination activities carried on +
its annexes. Quality Evaluation Grid.

The project is funded by the European Union.