Our team

FutuReg was established in order to provide innovation, knowledge and education for the society of Southern-Slovakia.
Our team strongly believes in the power of learning by playing, non-formal education and team-work.
PhDr. Lívia Bott Domonkos, PhD. 

PhDr. Lívia Bott Domonkos, PhD – project manager, statutory representative, lector, trainer, mediator
  “FutuReg focuses on innovation and new forms of education which are relevant for development of the region. Main target group of children and youth is an excellent choice for our prosperous future.”
  • Workshops:Mediator,Grant management, Project management,More rights  – less violence
  • Research:Community Safeguarding,Suburbanisation,Best interest of Children, COnference on Minority Childrens rights

Dr. Margaréta Kováčova, international lawyer, project manager of DIGEQ, Researcher in KIDSAFEDU,manager of MOTI-MENTOR
  • Projects: DIGEQ, WOWIT
  • Workshops:Children rights, Online rights, Cyberbullying,More rights  – less violence
  • Research: KIDSAFEDU, KIDSAFEDU 2.0

Krisztina Mészáros, project manager of Peer to peer mediation and Tolerance, pedagogue, teacher, trainer, coach, mediator
“The projects of the region shall be active for the purposes of women self- empowerment and will be implemented in such way that can ensure that target groups will be effected with a change. Because being women is a beauty.”
  • Workshops:Mediator,Grant management, Project management,More rights  – less violence, Tolerance
  • Research:Community Safeguarding,Suburbanisation,Best interest of Children,Conference edition

Patrícia Zolleiová, project manager and coordinator, European Studies and International Relations graduate 


FutuReg helped me to find myself in the project world and its management. Every project manager has to find a piece of themselves in their work, because without that, the objectives of a particular project will never be successfully fulfilled and achieved.

Alžbeta Jakubecz, proofreader, webmaster of Minority Kids 
“The NGO contributes to the multiculturalism of the country, it is possible to achieve such benefits in youth. In order to ensure that the aid is granted, it is considered that the budget should not be used.”


Mgr.art Soňa Čermáková Uličná, ArtD; screenwriter, playwright and copywriter:
Katarína Matuszná, PhD, engineer
“Habits and traditions of the  shall be such of our community should bring our children to the understanding that our roots are important.”
PhDr. Noémi Récsei, reporter, Slovak Radio and Television
“The quality of workshop will is based on cultural excellence, which leads to a high level of education and training.”
Liliana Bolemant, PhD.,  president of Womanpress, Phoenix NGO
“OZ FutuReg will be involved in the development of the Minority Kids project.”
Gábor Lelkes, PhD.
“FutuReg has the potential to provide an important platform for the development of a multi-faceted and multi-faceted theme in the urban think tank”. The region shall be responsible for the development and inclusion of the retrospective population.”


Anita Veressová, project Minority Kids, graduate assistant, research Gravid Info
“The main aspects of the organization shall be such as to ensure that effective and efficient use is made of the services provided for families.”
Oľga Novotná, lekárka, project Suburbanization
In the case of a region with a unique energy supply, to the development of cultural resources and to the development of the agricultural sector, and after the closure of the premises, the local authority of the Member State of origin shall be notified. At the same time, we believe that the history and traditions of the city and the traditional way of living in suburban life should be avoided. ”
Mgr. Marianna Mrva, PhD. Scientist, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Sociologist, project Hintalovon
Research Projects for Minorities in the field of Social issues and projects with regard to community saeguarding are important to implement in international and national guidelines.

International Cooperation

For Erasmus cooperation as a Partner we are happy to cooperate with following PIF PIF 2023