The Practical Guide “Digital Intelligence growth via the Emotional Quality of Youth” is available.

Do you know why it is necessary that digital knowledge and the growth of digital intelligence, especially among youth and children, is more than necessary?

Cyberbullying is becoming a growing problem among youth and children and parents, teachers and lawyers do not have sufficient knowledge or the necessary tools and methods to deal with it. Digital transformation and the growth of digital intelligence helps prevent bullying and cyberbullying and builds digital resilience.


The DIGEQ project is a joint youth concept that promotes the safety of children and young people in the online environment, due to the digital transformation of our current time.

The document contains a list of educational blogs and apps, toolkits, interactive games, articles, videos, quizzes dedicated to safe use of the Internet (social media, cyberbullying prevention) and active digital citizenship.

You can find it here: FutuReg_DIGEQ_BestPractiseGuide

Erasmus+ project called Digital Intelligence growth via Emotional Quality of Youth DIGEQ.

Project number 2021-1-SK02-KA210-YOU-000033913

This video has been funded by the European Union.