WOWIT Project Management

Worklife balance and equal opportunity rights are the most important messages of the inclusion project for the society in order to emphasize the importance of the status and role of women in family and also at workplace after maternity leave.

With WOWIT project we plan to enrich our experience and expand the target group with young mother coming back to work market after maternity leave. We see motivation in experience with the target group of excellent international partners with relevant background and experience.

Gender wage equality in business Free Vector

Each partner brings its specific know-how and best practices rising from its specific environment:

Czech Republic is dealing with support of women in industrial regions of Eastern Czechia. Slovenia acts as a representative of countries with one of the lowest gender pay gap rates in the whole EU.  All Partners have similar goals toward workmarket inclusion for women coming back to the work market and try to combat unemployment by social inc, which are EU level priorities

We believe in synergy and in the variability of knowledge we can aim for by this partnerships. Partners come from the same sector (NGO) but have long -term experience both on the work market and also on working with social issues.

ROVNOVÁŽKA (Equanima in English) is NGO established in 2011, seated in Vratimov nearby Ostrava, Czech Republic. Main aim of Rovnovážka is to support equal opportunities in education and training, in personal, social and working life, with special focus on support of disadvantaged people (women, parents, people taking care of dependent family member, older people, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, young undergraduates, young people from socially disadvantaged conditions, people living in remote rural areas, pupils with special needs etc.) + the trainers and teachers of these groups. The association supports equal opportunities by means of training, consultancy, mentoring including group mentoring (i.e. experience sharing and peers’ support and mediation), and coaching while applying innovative informal learning methods and approaches.

DRUŠTVO NOVUS  is an NGO that focuses on development of social programs and ensures free of charge services for different target groups (socially deprived, elderly, disabled, families, unemployed persons, and young people). Since the establishment of the NGO in 2001 we have grown to a professional institution with more than 15 employees and wide array of volunteers covering five main pillars listed below. The main activities are centred around following areas: adult and senior education as regards digital literacy (e.g. interactive workshops covering basic and advanced skills in excel, word, use of smart phones, digital photography, use of different digital tools (e.g., Gmail, Zoom), etc; ensuring access to employment, education and training for long-term unemployed and those who will most likely lose their employment (e.g., due company layoffs, reorganizations); empowering NGOs in the field of social and youth particularly in the development for disadvantaged and socially excluded.

Funded by the European Union Project Number – 2021-1-SK01-KA210-ADU-000034089