DIGEQ training of trainers in Budapest

If we had to choose the most expressive image or word, then „active learning“ would be the one that defined our training in Budapest. In the framework of Erasmus+, our small project partner, Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Gyakorló Primary School and High School, welcomed us very professionally and warmly. The program points provided both pleasant and useful knowledge, we started with a round table called „The Net“, which analyzed the aspects of health preservation.  The following experts presented in the panel Threats and health risk factors of the social media, prevention programs in Hungary panel: Adjunct Beatrix Koronczai PhD (ELTE) Director Magor Pap PhD (SOTE Center for Health Development), Adjunct Máté Kapitány-Fövény, PhD (SOTE Center for Health Development), Moderation: Éva Borenszki-Gutási (SOTE) https://semmelweis.hu/egeszsegfejlesztes/akozpontrol/munkatarsak/

The programme followed in three days accordingly:

  1. A fantastic mediator colleague, conflict management specialist’s motto was „Look for what connects you!“ Conflict Management, Non-Violent Communication, mediation for families, workplaces, schools.
  2. Our Hungarian partners also presented the board game called DIGEQ, the title of the presentation: Introduction to the board game, workshop – Márta Szabó László Veress
  3. Digital isolation of youth (Lessons of a study among Youth during the Covid-closure) – Kornél Dőri’s online presentation followed 
  4. Videos and good practices in Hungary – online educational material for teachers and parents
  5. Workshop „A“: Panem et bellum! Good practices: a project with 3D printing, history and board game. Interactive workshop (Grade 5-8) – Tarczal-Márta Edit
  6. Workshop „B“: Good practices, and projects for and with youth (Grade 9-12) – István Földvári (teacher, Fazekas)
  7. Special thanks to teacher Márta Szabó for her persistent, excellent and professional work! She is the biggest teacher hero! If there is no teacher, there is no future! If there is no trainer, there is no training!

If the three-day training in Budapest had to be summarized in pictures and words (this is not even possible), then it would be active learning, and „learn from the young“ and „let’s learn together“! We continue the production of the DIGEQ Trends in Internet Safety Education Good Practice Guide organized by FutuReg/Erasmus+ with the Czech educational company GLAFKA, and with our Hungarian partner we continue the production of videos and educational materials for young people. We would like to thank our DIGEQ youth tender partners, www.glafka cz and www.fazekas.hu, that we can learn from each other and pass this knowledge on to young people.

The training was funded by the European Union. Erasmus + Small scal grant Acronym DIGEQ