WOWIT Training of Trainers in Dunajska Streda

After the first international conference called Women On Workmarket With Inclusive Techniques, which was held in June 2022 Futu|Reg countinues between  October  11th and 13th 2022 the project.
The concept of trainer training is an extended methodology of adult education, the main goal of which is to train experts, the so-called involvement of trainers and their joint work: presentations on various topics, workshops, presentation of innovative methods. The main goal of the series of events is to support and help the position of women in the labor market with inclusive techniques and various educational methods. Training participants, trainers, all working in the given field of education, are experts on individual topics that affect the position of women on the labor market.
The added value of the program is that experts gain knowledge from other fields, learn from their colleagues and get inspired by other topics. The professional training conference of WOWIT trainers starts at the Center of Higher Education in Dunajská Streda with the participation of the academic community, their practical training takes place in the salon of the New York Coffee and Restaurant Salloon and is ceremonially concluded at the Department of International Management, Comenius University in Bratislava.
The Lead PartnerFutuReg Civic Association cooperates with international partners on the project, uses their strengths and shares their knowledge with partners, thereby strengthening the team and the WOWIT project itself. Their partners are the Rovnovážka association from the Czech Republic, which provides extensive support to women in the professional field, in career building, using mentoring, coaching and other innovative methods. Another foreign partner comes from Slovenia. This is the Novus organization, which, like the regional employment office, helps the unemployed. The three-day program of the conference is implemented by 9 trainers and 9 training packages and is subsequently incorporated into a 3-day comprehensive training material for adults, which is intended to improve the situation on the labor market of women and other disadvantaged groups through education. Its topics include learning IT and other digital skills, project management, HR – human resources and practical exercises related to labor law issues. It is important to note that participants can actively participate in these programs.
During the presentations, other trainers and participants are involved in various innovative methods, which in turn leads to further inspiring results. In addition, in cooperation with the Office of Labour, Family and Social Affairs in Dunajská Streda, participants can gain an insight into the professional work of the office and exchange experiences in techniques for involving inclusive groups. Participants can personally visit the local employment office and gain valuable experience from the everyday life of the office. The first day of the conference will be opened by Krisztina Mészáros after the study tour and other lectures. As a coach, mediator and reporter, she talks about building your own brand, i.e. self-marketing and its importance.  Programme is followed by Lívia Bott Domonkos, founder of FutuReg, mediator, university lecturer, whose topic is conflict management in workplace situations. During the afternoon program, Katarína Serinová (economist, accountant) deals with economic and HR topics and introduces the participants to the secrets of the world of business and women’s enterprises. The first day will be closed by Hana Kaniová, a coach from the Czech Republic, who will give a lecture on creating and maintaining a balance between work and private life.
The second day of the event will be opened by Markíta Ubíková – SmartZena, certified Google trainer from the Czech Republic. It wants to provide practical ideas in the field of IT, which are essential features of the modern world and the job market.
Ana Kuntarič and Helena Felicijan from Slovenia prepared a presentation in the field of communication and teach our trainers how to be creative in communication. Ivett Pavlis, who also excels in the field of soft-skills methodology, as the head of the organization Rodič sluho lavok, will talk about team building and building relationships in the workplace and will give useful tips for acquiring these skills.
The third day, Petra Laktišová – Mamacoach – guides the participants through her program on the use of talents as a coach and provides assistance in recognizing and using these talents. The final presentation of the training will introduce participants to the world of grants and applications, how to apply for and obtain funding. This training module is led by Klára Tidrichová, a trainer from the Czech Republic. The end of the day and the conference will be closed by professionals from the Department of International Management of the Comenius University in Bratislava, who are the academic garants of the course book of the training. The event ends with a visit to the center of Bratislava. Ivett Pavlis – the head of the organization Rodič left rear will guide the participants and other trainers through their office in Bratislava, where they can talk in more detail about their experiences.