GREEN KICKOFF:Post-Event Summary Report

Name of the event: GREEN

Date of the event: 13-15.03.2023

Location of the event: Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic

Number of Persons Attending: 5


GREEN KickOff Meeting was a 3-day offline meeting organised under Rovnovážka z.s. with cooperation of Futureg and a Spanish partner organisation called ADESOS. GREEN KickOff Meeting took place in Frýdek-Místek in Czech Republic between 13th and 15th of March 2023 and was funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Programme. The number of participants were 5. During the Meeting, attendees shared opinions, thoughts, and interest about the work of both partners and about their cooperation. Partners and participants included had the opportunity to talk about their future cooperation, develop recommendations and present their work ideas. The key target areas to cover within the future cooperation of both organisations were discussed and they covered the following areas: the goal of the project is to develop a hybrid educational course for women who are starting or developing their business. The training will focus on building green or eco-friendly businesses and promoting them through IT and mobile marketing strategies and tools. The course will be piloted, the results will be disseminated and shared. Networking and sharing of best practices among participants will be encouraged.

The first day (Day1) of the GREEN KickOff Meeting started with on Monday 13th in Frýdek-Místek late, since the arrival and registration of partners’ was in late afternoon hours and followed only by a delicious diner and a social. There was no official programme that day, it was more based on an introduction of partners to each other and talks.

The second day (Day 2) of the GREEN KickOff Meeting started with the official introductory opening presentation by Rovnovážka. It was done by Mrs. Klára Tidrichová. She talked about how the idea of green entrepreneurship was created. She claimed that many women were producing green or eco-friendly product by her perception, but they were not able to sell them effectively. She also talked about the target group of this project, that was established to be women who has already started or plans to establish and start business. Further Mrs. Markéta Ubíková from Rovnovážka had a presentation on research outcomes on actual needs of potential participants from Czech Republic within green entrepreneurship of women. Further the same presentations were upheld by us, Futureg, and also by Mr. Alvaro Torres from our Spanish partner organisation called ADESOS. We reflected on data about actual needs of potential participants from Slovak Republic within green entrepreneurship of women and Mr. Torres reflected on data on actual needs of potential participants from Spain within green entrepreneurship of women.  After the latterly mentioned session, participants enjoyed another delicious lunch at the local restaurant of Frýdek-Místek with refreshing coffee and snacks.

The third day (Day 3) of the GREEN KickOff Meeting Partners further came up with some feedbacks and remarks, which would help to strengthen their future cooperation within the GREEN project and made-up exact dates and ended with the dissemination. The GREEN KickOff Meeting ended up in a good spirit on Wednesday, 15th of March and all participants gained a lot of experiences. Each participant was rewarded with a Certificate of Participation that will remind them the importance and value of conducting joint activities and project under the European Union Erasmus+ Programme such as the GREEN project.

This project was funded by the European Union.