Digital Activism

We are looking forward to creating informative articles related to the Roma and Hungarian minorities living in Slovakia from next month in cooperation with the PDCS organization! These articles will be published regularly on our Minority Kids and Kidsafed websites to shed light on important topics and issues affecting these communities.

The articles will focus on various aspects of the life of the Roma and Hungarian minorities, such as community identity, culture and the fight against stereotypes. We will also discuss the political manipulations and disinformation that can affect these minorities and how we can deal with it. Together with PDCS, we believe that this project will bring valuable knowledge and promote greater tolerance and understanding towards the Roma and Hungarian minorities in Slovakia. Don’t forget to follow our website for regular updates and information about new articles!


Article 1 – Identity of Roma people living in Slovakia

Article 2 – The Identity of Hungarian people living in Slovakia 

Article 3 – Roma Culture and Stereotypes