DIGIT4ALL KickOff Meeting was a 2 day offline meeting organised under FutuReg Civic Association with cooperation of a Hungarian partner organisation ALTERNATÍVA Egyesület. DIGIT4ALL KickOff Meeting took place in Dunajská Streda, concretely in New York Coffee and Restaurant on 20th and 21st of January 2023 and was funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Programme. The number of participant were 10. During the Meeting, attendees shared opinions, thoughts and interest about the work of both partners and about their cooperation. Partners and participants included had the opportunity to talk about their future cooperation, develop recommendations and present their work ideas. The key target areas to cover within the future cooperation of both organisations were discussed and they covered the following areas: Media literacy and tackling disinformation, Digital skills and competences, Digital youth work.

The first day (Day1) of the DIGIT4ALL KickOff Meeting started with the arrival and registration of partners’ organisation ALTERNATÍVA Egyesület followed by a delicious lunch and a social, which included a coffee break with some snacks and desserts. After lunch, everyone moved to the conference hall, where the afternoon session took place. The afternoon session started with the presentation of both organisations. The first session started with the FutuReg presentation led by Mgr. Krisztina Mészáros, who is a coach, mediator and project contributor at FutuReg Civic Association. Within this presentation partners gained knowledge about the history, establishment and purpose of FutuReg. Further partners learned about missions, vision and strategy of FutuReg, which is to support the sustainable growth of the region for the future of our children. Therefore, the motto of FutuReg was highlighted and it says that: Kids are the future of our region. The programme was followed by the presentation of partner organisation ALTERNATÍVA Egyesület by Mr. Vajda Árpád. Their main goal is to help disadvantaged groups improve their quality of life and therefore to create equal access to various services. ALTERNATÍVA Egyesület wants to serve their purpose also on the Internet, so they can provide high-quality services and up-to date informations to target groups. Their motto says a lot about their purpose and target group, which represents young people: Serving young communities since 1993.

After the presentations, the overview of tasks and duties for both sides and the division of activities based on Grantt Chart were discussed and targeted (flowing from the DIGIT4ALL project priorities). The objectives of DIGIT4ALL project, which were targeted during the KickOff Meeting are for instance: to spread media literacy education for both youth and youth workers, to grant rights for online safety and digital literacy without the presence of hoaxes and hate speech through educational processes. The main goal of cooperation between both partners based on the objectives of DIGIT4ALL is thus to assure online security for children and the youth. Further, a dissemination list were presented to successfully  manage the practical, future implementations of objectives of the cooperation and the targets of the DIGIT4ALL project between partners. After the dissemination list, the design of the communication plan and strategy was sketched and the final evaluation of the first they started. It was finished by a small discussion and familiarisation of participants with the second day (Day 2) of the KickOff Meeting. A delicious dinner followed the wrap up of the first day with a cool socialising programme.

The second day (Day 2) of the DIGIT4ALL KickOff Meeting started with the exchanges of examples of Good Practices between partners and further continued with concept introduction to target group, main steps, procedures and methods used within it. After the latterly mentioned session, participants enjoyed another delicious lunch at the restaurant of New York Coffee and Restaurant with refreshing coffee and snacks. Partners further came up with some feedbacks and remarks, which would help to strengthen their future cooperation within the DIGIT4ALL project. The DIGIT4ALL KickOff Meeting ended up in a good spirit and all participants gained a lot of experiences. Each participant was rewarded with a Certificate of Participation that will remind them the importance and value of conducting  joint activities and project under the European Union Erasmus+ Programme such as the DIGIT4ALL project.

Funded by the European Union Project Number: 2022-1-SK02-KA210-YOU-000083196

Post-Event Summary Report 


Date of the event: 20./21.01.2023

Location of the event: Dunajská Streda

Number of Persons Attending: 10

Partners: FutuReg Civic Association NGO, ALTERNATÍVA Egyesület